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Soap & Lotion Set

Soap & Lotion Set

From the heart of the Burren using only the most sustainable materials, Airmid’s no-nonsense shaving set comes with a traditional Hemu wood brush with natural bristles and Green Man shaving soap. Presented in a natural card  gift box, this set provides a shaving experience the way it was always meant to be – fragranced patchouli, brightened with the aroma of sweet orange and soothing lavender pure essential oils, combined with cocoa butter and organic avocado oil to optimise moisturising and provide vitamins and minerals to nourish skin during a shave. Suitable for all skin types due to the bentonite clay that creates a fluffy lather, creating extra slip for a silky smooth shave every time. The 100g shaving soap is used with warm water and a circular motion to generate lather. Skin should be wet and warm so ideally after a shower.

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