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Irish Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees At Elmgrove

We grow thousands of Christmas trees at Elmgrove Flower Farm. The main variety is Nordmann because it suits our coastal soil type, but we also stock premium grade Irish Noble Fir, Lasiocarpus and Korean Fir. While they are all non-shed varieties, they also have their own particular characteristics that our discerning customers appreciate.
We also offer a choose and cut option for those wanting to ensure their tree is as fresh as they day they buy it. A hot chocolate or coffee after makes this a hit with families for the memories it creates.

Halloween Pumpkin Hunt

Want to select and book your tree in advance? Come to one of our Halloween pumpkin hunt open days when you’ll be given the chance to wander through the trees and get first pick of the hundreds of trees on offer!

Arrangements, wreaths, swags and garlands

Our floristry team also create wonderful arrangements, wreaths, swags and garlands to suit all occasions and budgets. We have the luxury of sourcing the freshest greenery from the thousands of trees that we’ve cultivated in our foliage orchards specifically for the the festive season. Eucalyptus, pittosporum, laurel, Ozothamnus, Rosehips are just some of the range of plants that we incorporate into our creations.


And why not add a beautiful free range bronze turkeys to your shopping list at Elmgrove? We offer a special discount for customers who order our early bird combo of an Elmgrove tree and turkey! Give us a call on 041-9884389 to find out more.

Gifts and more

We’ve developed an award winning farm shop with an extensive range of giftware to complement our selection of locally grown flowers and food. We also have hot drinks, treats, pizza and Thai food offerings on site.
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